ESPN FC – Stoke City 0-2 Man City, Silva, Barcelona vs Chelsea, Man United, Pogba & Kane Injury – Barcelona Video

published: 2018-03-13 01:03:50

ESPN FC – Stoke City 0-2 Man City, Silva, Barcelona vs Chelsea, Man United, Pogba & Kane Injury

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  1. they are picking him apart xD LOL

  2. People can talk about Guardiola's spending. They are doing that NOW. Before it was: "He can't play his way in the Premier League." When he proved them wrong the talk about the spending started in pure desperation.
    Keep in mind City are dominating and exposing the Premier League with a 16 point gap to 2nd place with a team that is NOT as good as Guardiola's Barcelona. Regardless how much they've spent so far.
    THAT says all about how wrong people have been for years when they were saying it's only outside England Guardiola would be able to play his way.

  3. David Silva is the best player in EPL by far.

  4. They’re so fucked up to that guy every time he’s on, I feel bad for him

  5. Why can't these guys act like adults for one frigging show, especially the ot, Idk why I even watch this it pissed me off watching 5 guys think there the shit acting like children not bothering to even answer questions

  6. Here's the dilemma:

    These guys keep chorusing to themselves how great the Premier League is.
    But now you are talking about the national team that is represented entirely by players from that great league, and yet you expect nothing from them at the world cup.

    Why is that really?

  7. Fucking hell. Try spending more than 10 seconds not fucking around. Made unwatchable just by the pure amount of childish behaviour.

  8. England will win d world cup pep effect
    Did it for Spain then Germany now England

  9. Fuckinell do they even watch city. How can they say Pep doesn’t change things or he is not pragmatic. At the start of the season you can clearly see he used Jesus for the big games where he wanted to press high and regain possession quicker until Jesus got injured. He has also played 3 at the back in some games when he needed to. He also played 2 strikers against the relegation and mid table teams at the start of the season. These are meant to be pundits that analyse games not come and chat shit that pep has not been pragmatic. Fair play to Pep for what he has done but it will be a lot tougher next season. Don’t see city winning it again.


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